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Dialogue for impact
A year of women's VOices on
healing the wounds of slavery

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Healing the Wounds of Slavery


Healing starts with voice and connection.


2024 is our year dedicated to turning the experience of isolation into conversation, connection, and calls to action.


Our Dialogue for Impact  Symposia Series is designed to bring the knowledge and perspectives of, in particular, women at the forefront of engaging in healing the wounds of slavery at the source.

Join us Monday, March 25 for our International Webinar featuring three female leaders from around the world as they reflect on healing the wounds of slavery.

This is a virtual event. Registrants will receive a recording even if you do not attend. 

The William Monroe Trotter Institute at UMass Boston is providing technical support for this online event.



25th Anniversary legacy campaign
commemorating the
Interfaith Pilgrimage of the
Middle Passage

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25th Anniversary Legacy Campaign Year

commemorating the

Interfaith Pilgrimage of the Middle Passage: Healing the Wounds of Slavery


Crossing the Waters Institute for Cultural Exchange is the direct outcome of the Interfaith Pilgrimage of the Middle Passage and where the work continues. 


The 2024 Legacy Campaign seeks to build a capital endowment base to serve the efforts of Crossing the Waters and our relational partners over the next 100 years in our mission to Heal the Wounds of Slavery. Our year-long calendar of events is to raise awareness about our work: illuminating the historical legacy of the African ancestors who are passing the mantel of healing the wounds of slavery onto us and giving voice to our youth and elders through artistic expression to heal intergenerational wounds and nurture intergenerational strength.


INTSIKA! Afterschool program

Langa Township, South Africa

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At Crossing the Waters, our mission is to heal the wounds of slavery through facilitating and nourishing self-knowledge.

Through INTSIKA!, a Xhosa word meaning pillar, our arts, culture, and nurture approach, focused on self-expression, is the medicine needed to ensure our youth can determine their own freedom within an oppressive social and economic environment that seeks to block their access to themselves.

INTSIKA! offers a place of safety, support, and resource in loving response to the displacement, forced poverty, and anti-Blackness that are inherent to the creation of Langa Township in Cape Town, South Africa.

The positive impact of INTSIKA! extends through the youth to their families and, through them, to the community, by liberating voice after voice through an ancestral lens on identity and possibility.

We offer meaningful employment to aspiring and visionary young educators who provide a conscious connection to ancestral Indigenous culture and support in navigating the colonial educational system.




We Invite Your Support Today!

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